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Paket Tutorial Editing Video

Paket editing video dengan efek-efek spektakuler dengan menggunakan software Adobe Premier, After Effect, dll. Paket ini sangat lengkap yang bisa membawa Anda menjadi video editing profesional. Cocok untuk para hobiis pemula hingga tingkat lanjut.

Materi#1 - Tutorial Adobe Premiere (Harga Ecer Rp. 20.000,-)

Bahan Pembelajaran : Anda akan belajar mengenai pengolahan video yang dimulai dengan belajar mengenai dasar-dasar Premiere CS3, Capturing dan Import Footage, Management Clip, Panel Monitor, Sequence, Timeline Editing, Sequence Refining, Bekerja dengan Audio, Transisi, Penggunaan Title, Special Effect, Output Project.

Materi#2 - Tutorial Adobe After Effect (Harga Ecer Rp. 20.000,-)

Bahan Pembelajaran : Anda akan belajar mengenai animasi gerak atau motion graphic yang dimulai dengan belajar mengenai dasar-dasar After Effect CS3, Management Footage, Composition, Layer, Interpolasi Keyframe, Animasi Text, 3D layer, Masking, Layer Editing, Property & Keyframe, Special Effect, Output Project, dll.

Materi#3 - Action Movie Essentials, Twitch & Riot Gear (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Action Movie Essentials
What is Action Movie Essentials?
Action Movie Essentials is a generous collection of pre-keyed special effects elements that can be incorporated into any video program and used much like clip art. These elements include: Muzzle flashes, explosions, blood bursts, bullet holes, ricochets, fog banks and much more. This collection gives you the ability to incorporate dangerous live action effects from the comfort of your workstation. We broke laws so you don't have to.

Materi#4 - Tutorial Efek Menakjubkan Adobe After Effect (Harga Ecer Rp. 50.000,-)

Tutorial efek-efek menakjubkan dengan Adobe After Effect :
Sky Replacement Tutorial
Deinterlace in AE
Old Film Look
After Effects 101
Camera Shake with Wiggler
3D Compositing
Blemish Removal
Text Blur Titles
Proxies & Workflow Tips
Basic Color Keying
Introduction to HDR & 32bpc
Elegant Slideshows
Assisted Suicide
Simple Bleach Bypass
2D Depth of Field
Flip-Book Motion
3D Reflections
Light Streaks
Frame Rate Converter
Light Sabers
Light Sabers V2
Simulated Lighting
Fun with Ink
Moving 3D Lines
Blood Splatter
Light Streaks 2
EarthQuake with 32bpc
3D Room
Realistic Gun Blow Back
Speed Variation
3D Stroke Effect
3D Reflections with Refractions
3D Ocean
Graffiti Writing
Fly By Titles
Jumpy Text
Time Freeze
3D Camera Projection
3D Camera Projection 2
Vanishing Point
Earth Zoom
The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet in 3D
Advanced Sky Replacement
Demon Face Warp
Day to Night Conversion
Set Extensions
Virtual 3D Photos
3D Text in 3DS Max
3D Titles in Cinema 4D
Audio to Animation
Medical Zoom 01
Medical Zoom 02
Medical Zoom 03
Riot Gear Promo Title
Magic Glass
Skin Displacement
Evolution Preview
Dead Planet
Planet Explosion
Advanced Camera Tips
Eye Replacement
3D Eyeball
Water Drops
Fancy Title Plate
Frosty Breath
The Healer
Growing 3D Vines
Colorful Universe
Smoke Screen
Stabilize Shaky Footage
AE Bump Maps
3D Sparks Title
Advanced Car Hit
3D Offset
Speed Particles
3D Shadows
Meteor Crash 3D p1
Meteor Crash AE p2
3D Crater p1
3D Crater p2
3D Crater p3[/spoiler]

Materi#5 - Designer Sound FX, Film Magic Pro, Real Clouds (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Designer Sound FX
500 Powerful Sound FX Elements + Extras

* 500 Sound FX & Audio Elements
* Royalty Free Sound FX for all your productions
* After Effects Project File for this Promo
* Free Tutorials and Extras!
* 2-DVD Set jammed full of extras!

Real Clouds

* 24 Time-Lapse Clouds
* SD QuickTime Movies (720x480, 16:9, 1.2 par)
* Videos Last 20 Seconds
* Ready to use with most Video Editing Applications
* NTSC & PAL version available for Download and on 1 DVD


* Motion Graphics and Title Design
* Sky Replacement
* Wedding Videos

Materi#6 - Evolution DVD (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Content :
Pre-Keyed Decorative Design Elements

* 170 Design Elements
* High Definition with Built-in Transparency
* 7 Video Tutorials and Advanced Gallery Page
* 10 Professional Design Projects and more

Materi#7 - Pro Score - Cinematic Music Design Tools (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

* Orchestral Music Tracks and Epic Musical Elements
* Powerful Layered Music Tracks (Percussion, Choirs, Orchestra, etc.)
* Tension Building Elements & Editorial Music FX
* 5 In-Depth Tutorials + 5 Layered Soundtrack Templates

What is Pro Score ?
Pro Scores is a massive toolkit of professionally composed music and sound elements for creating powerful soundtracks and scores. Pro Scores makes it easy to create hard-hitting music for promos, trailers and even film. Our collection includes tons of Layered Music Tracks that can be customized to build tension or split apart to build original tracks. You also get access to unbelievable music design elements inspired by popular motion pictures and television.

What about royalties ?
Pro Score is completely Royalty Free for use in any production big or small. For example you can make a movie with Pro Scores and sell the movie forever with no additional fees. Of course, Pro Scores may not be used (in any part, edited or not) with templates or files that are redistributed to artists or editors such as website templates, stock sites or project files. See our License agreement for more information.

Materi#8 - Series One DVD - (Harga Ecer Rp. 50.000,-)

Own a piece of Video Copilot Special Edition DVD

* 1-65 Free Online Tutorials in full quality
* Includes iPod ready video files
* Basic Training Tutorials, Presets & Project files
* Over 20 minutes of never before seen footage

Bonus Features:

* Sin City Look Tutorial
* Epic Presets for cinematic looks similar to the film 300
* Interview with andre & Sam
* Out-takes from many of your favorite tutorials

Materi#9 - Advanced Techniques for After Effect (Harga Ecer Rp. 50.000,-)
* 10 Video Tutorials for AE Pro 6.5 - CS4
* Includes Project Files and Source Footage (AE7+)
* Valuable Bonus Product Included
* Over 3 Hours of Training Fun!

Best-Selling After Effects Training DVD!

In this exciting end-to-end tutorial DVD, you'll discover real world techniques and timesaving procedures not found in the manual. Each full-length video tutorial covers a specific objective from start to finish.

Complete List of Lessons :

01. Getting Started & New Features
02. Basic Color Keying
03. 3D Silhouette
04. Cruise Control
05. Creating Advanced Muzzle Fire
06. Blown Away
07. Floating Text
08. DVD Menu Creation I & II
09. The Teleporter
10. Selective Color Correction

Bonus Gear :
VideoStreams HD Lite

Materi#10 - Video Streams HD and The Bullet - VideoCopilot (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Video Streams HD

* 20 Pre-made Video Backgrounds
* Animations Last 30 Seconds and Loop
* Get started Quicker with Project Files
* Use with After Effects 6.5 and 7 Pro

Features :

* 20 High-Definition Video Backgrounds @ 24p
* SD & HD QuickTime™ Movies (HD-1920x1080 & SD-960x540)
* Animations Last 30 Seconds and Loop
* Video Catalog
* Getting Started Video Tutorials
* Use pre-rendered designs with your NLE
* Mix designs using the Master Project file (Contains all designs)
* Files Delivered on a 2-Disc DVD Set or Downloadable

Uses :

* Promos, Movie Trailers, Commercials, Video Boards, etc.
* Mix & Match Elements to Create Custom Designs
* Use as Backgrounds for Green Screen Interviews and Titles

The Bullet
Advanced Training for 3D & After Effects

* Composite a bullet with live action footage
* 21 Tutorials and over 5 hours of training
* 3-in-1 Training for Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max & Blender
* Learn the secrets of 3d multi-pass compositing
* Project files, help files and source footage included

What is The Bullet?

This training product is designed to show you how to create large-scale visual effects in an organized and powerful workflow. Starting with the raw footage, we will build all of the necessary elements to complete this amazing visual effects shot of Sam Loya firing a gun in slow motion.

Materi#11 - After Effect Basic Training
01. Introduction to After Effects
02. Effects
03. Animation
04. Keying and Transparency
05. Motion tracking
06. Time remapping
07. 3D Integration
08. Titles
09. Expressions
10. Rendering

Materi#12 - Software Adobe CS3 Master Collection, including Premier and After Effect (Harga Ecer Rp. 10.000,-)

Materi#13 - After Effect Plugin Collection 2011 (Harga Ecer Rp. 10.000,-)

Materi#14 - After Effect Plugin Pack v2

Materi#15 - 400 After Effect Project & templates

Materi#16 - Mega Tutorial Collection - After Effects CS4 Getting Started - After Effects CS4 New Creative Techniques - After Effects CS4 New Features - After Effects CS5 Essential Training - After Effects CS5 New Creative Techniques - After Effects CS5 New Features - After Effects Extended Vignette Techniques - After Effects Insight into Effects - After Effects Project Workflow - Premiere Pro CS4 Beyond the Basics - Premiere Pro CS4 Essential Training - Premiere Pro CS4 Getting Started - Premiere Pro CS5 Essential Training - Premiere Pro CS5 New Features
Total Training for Total Training Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Essentials

Materi#17 - Action Essential 2 (Harga Ecer @Rp. 80.000,-)

koleksi bahan untuk menciptakan efek ledakan, menembak, lubang peluru, memecahkan kaca, percikan darah dan lain-lain.

• 20 Categories of FX
• 500 Pre-Keyed High Definition Elements
• Available in 2 Versions: 2K and 720p
• 60 Minutes of After Effects Training
• 20 Bonus Action Sound FX
• Detailed Video Thumbnails
• Over 90% Live Action Footage

What is Action Essentials 2?
Action Essentials 2 is a collection of stock footage elements for compositing. Ideal for visual effects & motion graphics.

Materi#18 - Video Hive (Harga ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Videohive merupakan project template After Effect yang keren-keren, yang dapat Anda gunakan dalam project Anda sehingga hasilnya lebih profesional dan menarik.

Materi :
3D-Text Evolutions V2
Celebrity Titles 2
Colorz HD
Cynosure HD
Paparazzi Tabloid Newspaper
Particle Reveal
Tattoo Studio
Typography Pro
Video Presentation
Inkman presents Xmas & New year's Greetings.135117

Materi#18 - Top Multimedia Converter 2011

Untuk menunjang proses editing, disertakan aneka multimedia converter berbagai format, subtitle creator, dll

Paket Editing Video (EV) = 18 DVD
Harga = Rp.450.000,-

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