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DVD Tutorial 3D Max Membuat Animasi Robot!!!

ini dia, Paket Murah DVD Tutorial 3D Max Membuat Animasi Robot!!!DVD Tutorial yang satu ini bisa membuat Anda Jago dalam Membuat Animasi Robot, karena di dalam isinya terdapat panduan langkah demi langkah membuat animasi robot dengan berbagai bentuk, termasuk tutorial membuat animasi robot transformer. Anda akan terkagum-kagum dengan cara pembuatan robot di film-film holywood selama ini. Asyik, Seru, dan Menantang imajinasi Anda ke level teratas. Robot-robot ini bisa disatukan dengan Video Editing Atau Desain Photografis Anda sendiri, sehingga tampilannya bisa lebih seru. Dan Yang lebih manteb lagi, tentunya keahlian ini bisa bikin Anda kaya raya.

Ini Dia DVD Tutorial 3D MAX ROBOTIK

  • 3D Palace Advanced Car Modelling The Concept Car
  • CAMARO Training dvd for Autodesk 3D Studio Max


  • 3ds Max Camaro Training Transformer
  • Digital Tutors-10 Ways to Improve your Modeling in 3ds Max
  • Digital Turors Getting Started with HDR Light Studio
    [LIST]Gnomon Workshop Robot Design


  • Digital Tutorial-Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max
  • Digital Tutors-Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max
  • Modeling and Animation of Mobile Transformer
  • Rendering Vehicles in 3DS Max


  • Digital Tutors-Automative modelling in 3ds Max
    [LIST]Gnomon Hard Surface Shading and Texturing


  • 3D Palace Crux For 3DS Max
  • Cgtuts Model a High-Poly Car Wheel in 3ds Max


  • Making Of Q7 Transform
  • The Finest CG Cars Collections


  • Digital Tutors-Introduction to 3ds Max 2011
  • Making Of Iron Baby in 3ds Max & Vray
  • Inorganic Modeling Techniques


  • Eat3D ZBrush Hard Surface
  • Production Rendering Techniques with Mental Ray


  • CGwhat-Optimus Prime
  • Digital Tutors - Introduction to Rigging in 3ds Max
  • Eat3D The Dozer 1 High Poly


  • 3d motive Hard Surface Texturing
  • car rigging 3ds max training
  • Transformers 3D Max Super Pack Models
  • Transformers Playing Basket


  • 3D MAX 2012
Harga 160rb saja untuk dapaetin Keahlian Tingkat Tinggi ini.
Isi 10 DVD.

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DVD Tutorial Membuat Robot Transformer 3D, Robot Modelling 3D, Animasi Robot 3D


Versi 1
Materi terus diupdate, so pastikan Anda melakukan update

Belajar membuat model robot dan menganimasikannya seperti film Transformers, dengan menggunakan software 3D Max, Maya, Photoshop, dll Anda akan belajar membuat robot dengan lengkap.
Materi#1 : CAMARO Training DVD for Autodesk 3D Studio Max
CAMARO Training DVD Product Freatures :
  • The world's first ever complete car design, rigging, and Animation DVD
  • Become an Animation Legend with the "Camaro" Training DVD
  • Turn On your Creativ engine , smoke some tyres, and Make History
  • It is your chance now to rediscover the fascinating world of 3D and learn how to Design, Texture, Rig, AND Animate the stylish looking Chevrolet Camaro
  • This DVD contains the highly detailed 3D models of the Yellow Chevrolet Camaro AND the Black Chevrolet Camaro, along video tutorials lasting more than 8(eight) hours
  • This world first in Creativity and Learning is truly like 3(Three) DVDs in One
  • No third-party plugins required: we save you time and money on expensive plugins by relying on 3D Max's limitless creative possibilities
  • Take your Camaro for a spin in 3D Max and place it on your showreel,
Materi#2 : Gnomon Workshop Robot Design with Josh Nizzi
In this DVD Josh Nizzi reveals his techniques for designing robots. He demonstrates his entire robotic design process, from sketching concepts in Photoshop and creating a rough 3D model in 3ds Max, to rendering the model in HyperShot and finishing the design in Photoshop, Joshs approach is particularly valuable in a production setting because it enables the artist to deliver high quality concepts very quickly while simultaneously producing a proxy 3D model that could be used in pre vis or as a starting point for a final model.

Materi#3 : Modeling and Animation of Mobile Transformer

Materi#4 : Making Of Iron Baby in 3ds Max & Vray

Detailed video "Making Of" Iron Baby from Jocelyn Simard and Patrick Boivin. This video shows to us as with the help 3ds Max and Vray it is possible to achieve photorealistic results. Target audience is artists of 3D-animation. Files of exercises are available.

Materi#5 : Making of Q7 Autobot Video Tutorials
3ds Max VRay Transformers film effects production techniques" dedicated to all those who love 3D creation, love Transformers and industrial design to a friend! Through this book, you will learn in detail the film version of Transformers, animated version of Transformers, distorted text production methods and techniques. The book gave a detailed three-dimensional animation of the early creation, polygon modeling, VRay renderer to use, scene production, deformation animation and compositing, editing the entire process. On the lessons learned through years of work, analyzed the effects of Transformers

Materi#6 : CGwhat Maya Tutorials – Optimus Prime

Materi#7 : Transformers 3D Max Super Pack Models

Materi#7 : Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Complete Series

With this highly-requested series of tutorials, we'll take an in-depth look at the entire production pipeline for creating a transforming robot effect using industry-standard CG software. This process was created by bringing together our top designers, illustrators, modelers, texturers, riggers, animators, lighting and rendering artists and compositors to focus on the specific hurdles and production decisions that goes into each step of creating a transforming robot shot. You'll get a look at the entire production pipeline from the conceptual phase through the composition of the final shot. This series is intended for intermediate to advanced artists and a strong understanding of your preferred choice of software in the various steps of the pipeline is highly encouraged. This series is specifically created to have the techniques be applicable to any industry-standard CG software. If a certain step in the pipeline, software or an equivalent application in the pipeline is new to you, check out our Beginner's Guide and Introduction courses to quickly get up to speed before beginning.

Materi#8 : Transformers Playing Basket Ball

Materi#9 : Simply Maya - Mechwarrior - Maya 8.5

Materi#10 : 3D Palace - Crux Mech & Pilot

Paket 3D Robot Modelling (3DR)
Harga Rp.  100.000,-

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Pin BB: 2946E79B

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DVD Tutorial Membuat Mobil/Motor 3D, 3D Car Modelling

Versi 1
Materi terus diupdate, so pastikan Anda melakukan update

Belajar membuat model mobil, motor dan kendaraan lain seperti tank dan menganimasikannya, , dengan menggunakan software 3D Max, Maya, Modo, Photoshop, dll Anda akan belajar mendesain kendaraan secara 3 dimensi.
Materi#1 : 3D Palace - Advanced Car Modelling The Concept Car

Create a complex concept car in this expert level video tutorial

Materi#2 : 9bStudios - Product & Automotive Design Presets
The Product and Automotive Design Preset Pack is a purpose-built materials library designed to help you effectively visualize and present your designs. If you are using modo to create consumer product or automotive imagery, these Presets can save you the trouble of painstakingly creating materials to accurately mimic real world surfaces like leather, carpet, tinted glass and mesh grills – or even “x-ray” materials that reveal interiors. All the work has been done for you; letting you concentrate on applying these carefully crafted materials or creating new variants of your own. The three hundred and fifty included presets let you showcase every curve, line and silhouette of your model with incredible speed.

Product Design and Automotive Visualization Presets Pack

Includes :
140 base presets upon which you can layer any combination of 25 displacement patterns, 20 bump patterns, 5 mesh presets for lighting, and any of 160 color channel presets.

Experience Level :
All Levels

Software Required :
Modo 401 SP2

Materi#3 : 3Ds Max Design Techniques - Automotive Visualization Tips and Tricks
This seminar deals with the problems of using CAD geometry to create photorealistic images for print and animation. It covers everything from color and lighting to shaders and render settings. Learn about tools inside Autodesk® 3ds Max® software that make it all possible.

About the Instructor : Damian M. Fulmer has worked in automotive visualization for the last five years. He has worked with a variety of tools and working with just about every kind CAD data there is and using it for everything from web animations to car catalogue covers.

Materi#4 : CAMARO Training DVD for Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Learn how to Design, Texture, Rig, AND Animate the stylish looking Chevrolet Camaro. This is truly like 3(Three) DVDs in one because you will learn Car Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, and Animation

This DVD contains the highly detailed 3D models of the Yellow Chevrolet Camaro AND the Black Chevrolet Camaro and video tutorials lasting more than 8(eight) hours

No third-party plugins required, we save you time and money on expensive plugins by relying on 3D Max's limitless creative possibilities

Materi#5 : 3Ds Max Master Class Series - Vehicle Rigging in 3Ds Max
Vehicle specific topics such as suspension, automatic wheel rotation, steering, automatic interaction of mechanical parts, automatic/hand-adjustable secondary motion, are covered, to name a few. The vehicle rigs include uses of scripted controllers, expressions, custom attributes, scripted plug-ins, modeling for rigging, the use of intelligent control objects, and wiring. To cap it off, the session would not be complete without demonstrating the ease and speed with which the vehicles can be animated

Materi#6 : Cgtuts Model a High-Poly Car Wheel in 3ds Max
The wheels are an often overlooked, but extremely important element in perfecting the look of any car, and the many techniques and tools needed to properly build them can be applied to nearly any hard surface modeling project. In this intermediate/ advanced level video tutorial, you will learn how to model a detailed high-poly car wheel from blueprints.

Materi#7 : Digital Tutors - Add-On Street Racer Kit (Maya)
Digital-Tutors, a division of PL Studios, Inc., announces today the worldwide availability of "Modified Street Racer" - the latest release in a collection of modifications and add-ons for existing training kits for digital artists. "Modified Street Racer", the first high performance add-on for "Maya Intermediate: Photorealistic Car Modeling", takes car modification to another level. In over 2.5 hours of comprehensive training, users can take existing car models from ordinary - to extraordinary.

Materi#7 : Digital Tutors - Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max
Learn production techniques to hard surface modeling, creative tips and tricks to building complex geometry, and a proven workflow to modeling detailed motorcycles and parts. Contains over 8 hours of self-paced training for artists using 3ds Max.

pppPopular highlights include :

  •     Modeling from Blueprints
  •     Hard Surface Modeling
  •     Polygon Modeling Techniques
  •     Spline-based Modeling Techniques
  •     Understanding Metal-working Process
  •     Motorcycle Parts Overview; Modeling Detail for Realism
  •     Surface Tools; Creating Seam Detail
  •     Creating Complex Shapes with Booleans
  •     NURBS and Splines for Tubes and Wires
  •     Creating Geometry from Existing Pieces;
  •     Adding Welds to Metal Pieces
  •     Adding Bevels to Edges and Polygons
  •     Modeling Different Types of Materials
  •     Materials and Lighting
  •     Texture Maps
  •     Image-based Lighting
  •     Reference Images
  •     Tire Treads with Bump Maps
  •     Setting up Hierarchies; Posing for Final Shots.
Materi#8 : Digital Tutors - Advanced Car Rigging in 3ds Max with S J
Throughout this 3ds Max tutorial, we will take a look at how to create an animation rig with automatic controls for cars and vehicles in 3ds Max. This tutorial will cover the creation and implementation of a car rig in 3ds Max. We will look at the creation of a generic animation rig and then expand on this by adding automation and terrain attachment controls.

Materi#9 : Digital Tutors - Automative Modelling in 3dsmax
Learn a production workflow to automotive modeling in 3ds Max and a multitude of Polygon, NURBS, and Spline-based techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Automotive Design. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-driven training. Popular highlights include : Viewport Background Images, Establishing Automotive Line Flow, Creating Multiple Fitted Panels, Redrawing Topology, Adding Resolution to Tighten Edges, Adding Edge Loops with Connect Tool, Edge Loop and Ring Selections, Converting Sub-object Selections, Adding Geometry with Bridge, Cloning Geometry and Shapes, Attaching and Detaching Geometry,etc.

Materi#10 : Digital Tutors - Creating Concept Vehicles in Maya
Learn an artist-oriented workflow to concept development, polygon modeling, lighting, and rendering. Provides nearly 7 hours of project-based training on conceptual vehicle modeling for use in film, games, and design. Perfect for new and experienced artists. Popular highlights include: Conceptual Development, Solutions to Design Challenges, Polygon Modeling Techniques, Using Smooth Preview, Converting Smooth Preview to Polygons, Thumbnails to Complete Designs, Using 3D to Pre-visualize Models; Automotive Terminology and Design; Creating Creases with Edge Loops, Adding Realism with Detail, UV Mapping Techniques, Applying Chrome Surface Materials, etc

Materi#11 : Digital Tutors - Finishing Car Animation Render Maya Composite
In this tutorial we’ll learn how to take a basic render scene and add textures, render it and composite it into a finished shot. We'll be covering all the steps needed to take a plain render and make it better. We’ll begin this project by creating a procedural dirt shader for our ground cover. Then we'll hop into Photoshop to create a photographic texture for our road. We'll then add some detail using more procedural textures to break up the edges of the road and create a broken concrete feel.

From there we will set up a particle system for our tires and create render layers and passes. Finally we will composite our shot using the Maya Precomp feature and Maya Composite. We'll learn how to color correct our passes, add various blurs and composite everything together into an integrated shot.

Materi#12 : Digital Tutors - Maya - Photorealistic Car Modeling

Learn a production workflow to automotive modeling in 3ds Max and a multitude of Polygon, NURBS, and Spline-based techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Automotive Design. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-driven training.

Materi#13 : Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques Automotive
Learn a production workflow to automotive modeling and a multitude of techniques that can be used for film, games, commercials, and car design with 10 hours of project-driven training.

Great for intermediate artists seeking fresh techniques. Popular highlights include: Establishing Automotive Line Flow; Creating NURBS Curve Framework; Modeling Contoured Panels; Adding Sub-D Resolution; Avoiding Creases and Dents with Edge Spacing; Adding Scoops to Curves Surfaces; Extracting Useful Geometry; Mirroring Detail; Troubleshooting Common Edge Loop Issues; Creative Uses of Extrusions; Converting Between Geometry; Moving Points Along Normals; Adding Tire Tread with Bump Maps; Modeling using Deformers; HDR Lighting Setup; mental ray Shading Techniques; Automotive Terminology and Concepts.

Materi#14 : Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques Automotive
Learn an artist-friendly workflow to automotive interior modeling and a multitude of modeling techniques that can be used for organic and hard-surface projects. Contains 4.5 hours of project-based training and guides artists through a time-saving workflow to automotive modeling with modo. Perfect for artists new to modo.

Popular highlights include: Creating Light-tight Geometry; Re-using Geometry; Modeling with Curves; Using Element Move to Shape Geometry; Sculpting Organic Shapes; Painting Bump Maps; Adding Materials; UV Mapping; Adding Images as Textures; Tightening Edges with Loop Slice; Cutting / Pasting Geometry; Efficiently Combining Geometry; Creating Worn / Used Look; Using Deformers; Shaping with Falloffs and Transforms; Geometry Selection; Beveling Edges for Seams; Bridge Tool to Create New Geometry; Starting with Primitives; Organizing Mesh Items; Blending Texture Layers.

Materi#15 : Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques Automotive
Learn a time-saving workflow to modeling motorcycles and production-ready techniques to hard surface modeling with design constraints, building complex machined and man-made parts, and methods of adding detail for realism. Contains over 8 hours of self-paced training for artists using Maya.

Popular highlights include: Hard Surface Modeling; Polygon Modeling Techniques; Understanding Fabrication Process; Motorcycle Parts and Components Overview; NURBS to Build Motorcycle Frame; Adding Realism with Modeled Detail; mental ray Shaders to Blend Complex Geometry; Booleans to Create Complex Shapes; Creating Seam Detail; Adding Welds to Metal Pieces; Adding Bevels to Edges; Modeling Different Types of Materials; Adding Imperfections and Details; Applying Different Surface Materials; HDRI Lighting; Car Paint Shader; Using Naming Conventions; Setting up Hierarchies for Posing; Re-purposing Geometry; Tire Treads with Bump Map.

Materi#16 : Digital Tutors - Maya Modeling Techniques Automotive
Learn a production workflow to creating vehicle rigs with emphasis on cartoon performance, squash and stretch rigging techniques, and the principles of building solution-based rigs for easy animation. Contains over 8 hours of project-based training for setup artists and animators learning the processes of creating intuitive cartoon rigs with animator-friendly controls. Perfect for experienced artists.

Popular highlights include: Creating Customized Tools; Squash and Stretch Tools; Custom Tools for Pinning Objects; Maintaining Volume with Squash & Stretch; Creating MEL Scripts; Creating Illusion of Weight on Tires; Automating Follow-through in Antenna; Automating Revolving Lights; Intuitive Control for Steering Wheel; Rigging with Non-linear Deformers; Rigging Doors and Windows; Automating the Car Idle; Setting up Proxy Meshes; Adding a Smooth Node Switch; Creating Control Objects; Attaching Vehicles to Motion Paths; Binding to Lattices; Creating Exhaust Sputter.

Materi#17 : Gnomon - Automotive Modeling Techniques
In this DVD, Kevin Hudson presents an overview of various issues and techniques related to modeling cars for a polygon/sub-d surface pipeline. Referencing two different cars models, Kevin demonstrates his methods for approaching each model's construction. He covers using orthographics and scale models, roughing in the car body, refining individual panels, creating surface details, building complex wheel rims and preparing the model for texturing. Kevin concludes by examining the application of his techniques to different car models.
    Finding and Using Car Orthographics
    Using Scale Models
    Building a Rough Car Model
    Refining A Car Model Using a Panel Approach
    Building Car Rims
    Using Guide Curves for a Smooth Finish
    Using Booleans
    Introduction to Base Concepts
    Properly Using Booleans
    Obtaining Car Orthographic Images
    Aligning Imageplanes Using Blueprints
    Aligning Imageplanes from Physical Models
    Roughing in the Basic Shape
    Breaking Down the Car for Refinement
    Refining the Front Quarter Panel
    Refining a Design Car
    Modeling Car Rims
    UV Layout Issues

About Trainer : Kevin Hudson has worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks for 10 years, contributing to such films as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, Contact, Anaconda, James and the Giant Peach, The Polar Express, and the Academy Award winning animated short film, The ChubbChubbs. Before the Digital Age, Kevin created traditional effects for over eight years, working on many films including Star Trek 6, Predator 2, Edward Scissorhands, Addams Family, Darkman, Batman Returns and Congo.

Materi#18 : Vehicle Modeling for Production - Modeling Techiques with Paul Schoeni
BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is a new and exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. The series follows a team of artists as they demonstrate their production techniques from concept phase to final rendered animation.
This chapter in the series focuses on the vehicle featured in the cinematic, a futuristic helicopter designed by renowned Art Director Mark Goerner. Instructor Paul Schoeni takes the viewer step-by-step through the 3D modeling process in Maya, from simple proxy to final model. The viewer also gets to go behind the scenes and witness actual production meetings that discuss the design and creation of the helicopter.
About Trainer : Paul earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Industrial Design from Brigham Young University. His first job in the industry was at Digital Domain where he worked on the movie I, Robot. After a year at Digital Domain, Paul freelanced for Zoic Studios, Sprite Animation, and Brain Zoo Studios, where he worked on various feature films, commercials, and game cinematics. Since 2005, he has been a modeler at Dreamworks Animation working on movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2: The Crate Escape, and Monsters vs. Aliens.

Materi#19 : Kemp Remillard Vehicle Concepting SketchUp

Materi#20 : Rendering Vehicles in 3DS Max
In this video Jeff Patton takes an in-depth look at how to create a realistic render of a vehicle in 3Ds Max using Mental Ray.
Jeff walks you through the process step by step and provides a asolid foundation for you to be able to create your own renders and understand Mental Ray.
Specifically, Jeff covers the following items : Arch and Design Materials, Metallic Flake Paint Materials, Using a 3 Point Lighting Setup, Photographic Exposure Controls, Kelvin Controls, Texturing, The New Composite Map in 3Ds Max 09.

Materi#21 : The Finest CG Cars Collections Vol 1
Contains 52 high quality CG car 3D models including Sedans, SUV's, WRC's, Trucks, Coupe's, Nascars and Motobikes.

Paket 3D Car Modelling (3DC)
11 DVD
Harga Rp.  150.000,-

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DVD Usaha Desain Kaos Distro dengan Desain Vector Terbaru

Koleksi karya terbaik dan terbaru kumpulan template desain kaos distro vector format corel draw yang dapat di edit sesuka hati kita. Di jaman serba teknologi dan serba instan ini bisnis Clothing Industri sudah mulai marak di tengah masyarakat, salah satu bisnis desain grafis yang paling diminati oleh kalang remaja adalah desain kaos distro atau T-shirt distro. Dengan hanya berbekal sedikit ide kreative dan ketekukan, bisnis kaos distro ini sangat menggiurkan bagi mereka yang bisa menangkap peluang pasar.

Sebagaimana kita ketahui bahwa Bisnis Desain Kaos Distro adalah salah satu bisnis desain grafis yang sangat menjanjikan, kita hanya memanfatkan software desain grafis terkenal yaitu CorelDraw maka kita akan sangat dimudahkan dalam mengedit, memasukan kata-kata, gambar dan lainnya dengan mudah dan simple.

1. T-Shirts Collection Vol.01
93 Files | 300dpi | Format EPS
Size : 1.21 GB

2. T-Shirts Collection Vol.02
76 Files | 300dpi | Format EPS
Size : 915 MB

3. T-Shirts Collection Vol.03
62 Files | 300dpi | Format EPS
Size : 620 MB

4. T-Shirts Collection Vol.04
104 Vector Files | 300dpi | Format EPS
Size : 1.1 GB
JADI TOTAL 3.8 GIGA (Vol.01-04)

5. T-Shirts Collection Vol.05
99 Vector Files | 300dpi | Format EPS
Size : 925 MB

6. T-Shirts Collection Vol.06
45 Vector Files | Format EPS
Size : 453 MB

7. T-Shirts Collection Vol.07
73 Vector Files|Format EPS
Size : 940 MB

8. T-Shirts Collection Vol.08
82 Vector Files | Format EPS
Size : 905 MB

9. T-Shirts Collection Vol.09
53 Vector Files |Format EPS
Size : 1.20 GB

10. T-Shirts Collection Vol.10
57 Vector Files | Format EPS
Size : 615 MB

11. T-Shirts Collection Vol.11
57 Vector Files | Format EPS
Size: 840 MB

12. T-Shirts Collection Vol.15
74 Vector Files | Format CDR
Size: 151 MB

13. T-Shirts Collection Vol.16
Aspecto 2 | 142 Vector Files | Format EPS
Size: 1.58 GB

14. T-Shirt Collection Criamoda

15. T-Shirt Collection 1500 in One

16. Amazing Cartoon Vector Collection in T-Shirt
Plus Sticker Cutting 3.000 Design (Tribal, Sculls, Flames, dll)
Total 3,38 GB
Dijadikan 1 DVD

17. Koleksi Extreme ClipArt
(ClipArt for T-Shirt Design and Vector, milik, 11 Volume)
Total 3,59 GB
Dijadikan 1 DVD

DVD Usaha Desain Kaos Distro dengan Desain Vector Terbaru
10 DVD
Harga Rp.  300.000,-

SMS ke 0812-2266-1488
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 (Sejarah, Drama, Cerita Nabi, Science,Dan Seminar-Seminar Untuk Perdalam Iman Kristiani)

IF-5 5. JESUS OF NAZARETH           45.000
IF-6 6. YESUS UNTUK ANAK ANAK (Full menggunakan bahasa In donesia)           45.000
IF-7 7. THE BIBLE           45.000
IF-8 8. KING DAVID           45.000
IF-9 9. THE TEN COMMANDMEN           45.000
IF-10 10. PAUL           45.000
IF-11 11. JOSEPH           45.000
IF-12 12. DAVID           45.000
IF-13 13. ESTHER           45.000
IF-14 14. MOSES           45.000
IF-15 15. ABRAHAM           45.000
IF-16 16. APOCALIPSE           45.000
IF-17 17. JEREMIAH           45.000
IF-18 18. SOLOMON           45.000
IF-19 19. SAMSON & DELLILAH           45.000
IF-20 20. FACING THE GIANTS           45.000
IF-21 21. FAITH LIKE POTATOES           45.000
IF-22 22. FIREPROOF           45.000
IF-23 23. FLYWHEEL           45.000
IF-24 24. LETTERS TO GOD           45.000
IF-25 25. SAVING GOD           45.000
IF-26 26. COURAGEOUS           45.000
IF-27 27. LOVE NEVER FAILS           45.000
IF-28 1. The Mysterious man of the Shroud ( misteri kain kafan Yesus )           45.000
IF-29 2. The Search for the true Cross           45.000
IF-30 3. Bible 1 - Bible 2 - Bible 3           45.000
IF-31 1. John Paul Inside the Vatican           45.000
IF-32 2. Pope John XXII Part 1           45.000
IF-33 3. Pope John XXII Part 2           45.000
IF-34 4. Jesus Crist           45.000
IF-35 5. Gospa           45.000
IF-36 1. The Crusoders           45.000
IF-37 2. Crusoders           45.000
IF-38 3. Where"s He Wolked           45.000
IF-39 4. David 1           45.000
IF-40 5. David 2           45.000
IF-41 1. Samson           45.000
IF-42 2. Samson & Delilah           45.000
IF-43 3. Salomon part 1           45.000
IF-44 4. Salomon part 2           45.000
IF-45 5. The Apocalipse           45.000
IF-46 1. Moses Part 1           45.000
IF-47 2. Moses Part 2           45.000
IF-48 3. Esther           45.000
IF-49 4. Paul Part 1           45.000
IF-50 5. Paul Part 2           45.000
IF-51 1. Abraham           45.000
IF-52 2. Abraham one man one God           45.000
IF-53 1. Mary Magdalena           45.000
IF-54 2. Mother Theresa           45.000
IF-55 3. Mother Theresa of Calcuta           45.000
IF-56 4. Mother Theresa Becon Of Asia Part 1           45.000
IF-57 5. Mother Theresa Becon of Asia Part 2           45.000
IF-58 1. Joseph Part 1           45.000
IF-59 2. Joseph Part 2           45.000
IF-60 3. Close to Joseph           45.000
IF-61 4. Jacob           45.000
IF-62 5. Jeremiah           45.000
IF-63 1. Sen of God           45.000
IF-64 2. Sen of God 2           45.000
IF-65 3. Sen of God 3           45.000
IF-66 4. Joseph           45.000
IF-67 5. Disciples           45.000
IF-68 6. Virgin Mary           45.000
IF-69 7. AncientEvidence ( The Real Mary Magdelene )           45.000
IF-70 1. Moses           45.000
IF-71 2. Noah and the Great Flood           45.000
IF-72 3. Saint Paul           45.000
IF-73 4. Who Killed Jesus           45.000
IF-74 5. Josua and the Battle of Jericho           45.000
IF-75 6. The Pope Pater the Rock           45.000
IF-76 7. Revelation           45.000
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How To Work Machine

Dari dahulu hingga Saat ini manusia terus mengembangkan dan berfikir bagaimana melakukan dan menciptakan mesin-mesin yang jauh lebih canggih
para insinyur dan para professor terus mengembangkan teknologi teknologi terbaru yang di buat dari temuannya, kita ketahui sekarang teknologi mesin sangat maju dan begitu moderen.
Seperti pada mesin jet, mesin jet merupakan tonggak kemajuan dunia penerbangan. Tidak serta merta langsung meluas aplikasinya karena berteknologi lebih kompleks, tapi segera disadari banyak keunggulan dibanding mesin piston baling-baling. Gaya dorong yang begitu besar dapat membuat pesawat terbang lebih cepat, lebih jauh, dan lebih tinggi.
sehingga bisa menghantar kita yang memiliki mobilitas tinggi, sehingga lebih cepat sampai ke tempat tujuan.
Atau pada mesin transmisi manual otomotif yang memerlukan pengemudi sendiri untuk menekan atau menarik seperti pada sepeda motor atau menginjak kopling seperti pada mobil dan menukar gigi percepatan secara manual.

Dan masih banyak mesin-mesin dengan teknologi mutakhir seperti mesin vacum,proyektor,mesin motor,crossbow,roket dll
Mungkin kita ingin lebih jauh untuk mengetahui cara kerja mesin-mesin yang sangat rumit itu ?
Paket ini akan menunjukan cara kerja mesin dengan teknologi canggih unik dan rumit.

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