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DVD Tutorial Self Defense Martial Art 1

CD/DVD Video Belajar Teknik Beladiri Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Kajukenbo, Self Defense, dll

Materi#1 - Practical Chin Na by Tim Cartmell (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
"Practical Chin Na 2 DVD Set with Tim Cartmell "

DVD 1: Chin na specializes in the striking and seizing of vital points, grasping of tendons and blood vessels, and the locking of joints. This DVD features 20 different techniques used to lock the neck, elbow and shoulder.

DVD 2: Techniques used to lock the wrist, hips and knees. With each technique shown, Tim also teaches set-ups, take-downs, follow-throughs, and pins.

Materi#2 - Scott Sullivan - Muay Thai HSC - Vol - Muay Thai Fundamentals (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course is a five volume DVD set! This course take you by the hand and explains everything you need to know! Check out just some of the great stuff you will learn in each volume...

Volume 1: Muay Thai Fundamentals
Volume 2: Mastering the Thai Clinch
Volume 3: Muay Thai Attack & Defense Training
Volume 4: Ultimate Thai Pad Drills
Volume 5: Heavy Bag & Mitt Training Drills
Bonus Volume: How to Beat a Grappler

Materi#3 - Noble Art Of MuayThai (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#4 -The Elbows of Muay Thai Boran (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#5 - This Could Save Your Life - Ultimate Defender (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#6 - Combat Ninjutsu (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#7 - Complete Taekwondo Kicking - Sang H. Kim (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#8 - Kajukenbo Evolution (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Brutal, deadly, overkill, street effective. These and many other such terms have been used to describe the martial art system known as kajukenbo.
Kajukenbo gained it's reputation for being brutally effective decades ago in the U.S. Territory of Hawaii. In the Hawaii of the 1940s the enemy was not the ancient battlefield soldier, it was the common street criminal. Instead of swords and spears he armed himself with knives, clubs, and guns. Even when unarmed he did not fight by any rules. He punched, kicked, gouged, bit, and stomped. If you encountered one of these brutal street fighters you were in for a life or death battle. Kajukenbo was designed to win such a battle.
Since then it's eclectic use of five martial arts and it's no-nonsense approach to self defense has contributed to it's rapid growth and strong reputation as an highly effective self defense system.

Materi#9 - Muay Thai - Rob Kaman (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)
Materi#10 - Self Defense Close Combat (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Materi#11 - Counter Knife Tactics with Demi Barbito (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Materi#12 - Kajukenbo Training Method (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Materi#13 - Rat Packed: Defeating Multiple Attackers by Sammy Franco (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Based on the experience of real street fights, self-defense expert Sammy Franco is in this DVD of knowledge about how to defeat a series of attacks in the situation of street self-defense. No one would dispute the fact that defeating several enemies on the street is very dangerous, but this can be achieved with proper military training and proper training.

Throughout the film Sammy detail explains and demonstrates in practice the following points:

-2 main types of attack scenarios, several people on the street ( "mood" and "Ambush");
-Parallel and serial attacks, method of use as human shield tactic of building a line of defense;
-Strategic skills of footwork, the importance of creating conditions for military training;
-2 main goals when working with multiple opponents (throat and eyes), training and exercises to develop accuracy and speed of attacks on multiple opponents;
-The importance of understanding the development of the situation;
-The strategic position and the position of hands in the SNA (the situation a number of attacks), training of "dealer" and work from it;
-Danger, consisting of the SNA, the danger of being surrounded, against the wall, pushed into ( "anchored");
-Definition of the instigators (alpha) and the slave;
-The danger of fighting on the ground in a situation SNA skills to protect from the knife in the SNA
-Distance and time of protection and response pre-emptive strike;
-Training with a man-shield, a realistic attack scenarios, the training of tactile sensitivity;
-Training for CNAs natural weapons, improvised weapons (examples include the use of weapons, security and disarmament of);
-The principle of attacks against multiple attackers: attack the leader, double-simultaneous attacks, a detailed analysis study of situations

Materi#14 - Traditional Taekwondo (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Materi#15 - Stephan Kesting - High Percentage Leglocks (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Leglocks are proven submission techniques at the highest levels of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts competition. There are countless examples of smaller, weaker, and less experienced competitors using a leglock to turn the tables and tap out their opponent. Why then is it that many grapplers have a love-hate relationship with leglocks? Many grapplers simply haven’t been taught how to properly set up and apply leglocks. Others know how to attack with a leglock, but are lost once their opponent counters the initial attack. Some fear of botching a leglock and ending up in a bad position, getting crushed by their opponent. Other grapplers are worried about injuries because they’ve never been shown how to train leglocks safely. These are all valid concerns, but now there is a solution. Stephan Kesting has trained with some of the best leglock experts in grappling, and has spent years developing and refining a system that solves the riddle of leglocks. Now, for the first time, he is sharing his entire high percentage leglock system on DVD, making you an expert in the most powerful leglocks in grappling. On High Percentage Leglocks Stephan breaks each technique down into the HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY, and then builds it back up, putting it into a tactical and strategic context. Leglocks are often taught as a bunch of isolated techniques, without an overall strategy, but that is NOT the approach in High Percentage Leglocks. Stephan then shares the best leglock counters, and then shows you how to counter those counters so you can successfully submit an opponent who is doing everything he can to stop you. You will also learn how to safely train the most dangerous leglocks.

Materi#16 - Street Sambo (Harga Ecer Rp. 30.000,-)

Paket Tutorial MartialArt 01 (5DVD)
Harga = Rp. 100.000,-

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